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Doctors Directory

Below is a of doctors who works in the hospital.

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Dr. Prabhaw Upadhyaya

Department: Internal Medicine
License: TMR5449

Consultant in Internal Medicine

Dr. Prashanna Acharya

Department: Internal Medicine
Joined: 29 October 2018
License: TMR4017

Consultant Internal Medicine

Dr. Praveen Jeya Chidambara Pandian

Department: Dentistry
Joined: 26 April 2012


Dr. Prem Raj Sigdel

Department: Urology
Joined: 12 July 2023
License: TMR5924


Dr. Pushpa Bhatta

Department: Opthalmology
Joined: 29 October 2018
License: TMR4018

Consultant in Opthalmology