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Participating in your care

As a patient or family member of a patient, you also have a role to play in making sure you receive the best quality care possible. Inform any allergies, medicine taking, pregnancy status, family history and past history to the treat- ing doctor.

Prior to the surgery or delivery, hospital staff will do the local preparations (shaving) for the area, if you are unhappy about it, do the local preparations yourself, prior to your admission.

After delivery, make sure you learn how to take care of your newborn. Your nurse will give bath to the baby after 24 hours of delivery. If you have no one to help in the baby diaper changing, you can always contact your nurses’ station.


Help prevent spead of germs

Make sure you wash hands frequently before and after touching the patient and after each hospital visit. Ask the hospital staff to do the same before and after they provide care. Tell your friends and family members to avoid hospital visits if they have a cold or if they are not feeling well. Ask and remind them to cover nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing, and to be isolated if required.



Within 24 to 48 hours time, your newborn will get the first vaccine (BCG, Hepa- titis B and Oral Polio), your nurse will guide you to the vaccine room. You need to take the maternity booklet to the vaccine room to mark the vaccine.

After the first shot of vaccine, the vaccine room staff will explain about the future vaccines. You have all the rights to clear your doubts before leaving the vaccine room.



Medicine safety

You can play a vital role in making your health care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your health care team. Get enough informa- tion about the medicine, keep the medicines always in a safe place, and take medicine on regular timings.



Preventing falls

Most falls are preventable if you stay alert, use proper footwear, and keep the lights on to prevent night falls. If you get dizzy, change your position slowly, or carefully lay/sit down on the bed.


Preparing for discharge

When the doctor plans to discharge you, nurses will help you to get the dis- charge medicines, will explain how to continue your medications, will teach you how to perform any necessary exercises, explain to you about how your diet should be, and arrange follow up visit to the treating doctor on the advised date.


Discharge tips

After discharge from the hospital, follow up the discharge advice properly. You will be given a discharge summary, which includes the course given to you in the hospital with the doctor’s advice at the time of discharge.

According to the doctor’s orders, you can come to the hospital for the IV antibiotics, cleaning and dressings/ suture removal, which needs to be paid to the reception prior to the procedure.

At the time of the discharge, your nurse will explain about any pending reports and you will be asked to come to the laboratory to get it with the invoiced memo; the report has to be shown to your treating doctor in the follow up visit.

You will be given instruction on how to follow up with your doctor. You will have to pay the consultation fee and take the service memo atleast 24 hours prior to your appointment date, or else your appointment will be automarically cancelled.


Some tips for safe practices at home

Follow discharge instructions carefully; specially remember to take your medi- cine and meals at the correct time. Always seek help from friends and family members when there is a need. Schedule your time and take rest. If there is any health related problem feel free to visit the hospital at any time.



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