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World hand hygiene Day Celebration 2022

May 7, 2022

On 5th May 2022 in honor of world hand hygiene ADK Hospital held an event to celebrate the cause. The motivation behind world hand hygiene day is to encourage all the health care workers to prioritize and believe in the importance of having clean hands in order to save lives. ADK as an institute has completed 5 years of hand hygiene audit.


To celebrate the day, an inter-departmental quiz tournament was organized. Prices were awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Moreover, certificates were presented to all the departments that helped in achieving the 90% compliance rate in the year 2021.


Welcome speech was given by Ahmed Afaal, Managing Director of ADK hospital. He expressed that hand hygiene day is simply celebrated because we have obligations to spread awareness and teach people about hand hygiene. He added that we needed to make sure patients are treated safely as we might also be patients tomorrow. He Thanked the management for having safe practices in the hospital and congratulated everyone who has been able to keep the targets up.


Dr. Ziyan Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Director, School of Health Sciences also gave a speech at the event. He stated that hands are a great blessing for us. Though, it can also be a curse if not cleaned by spreading infections. He conveyed that the most important thing is to keep up all the hard work we have done so far by keeping our hands clean and wearing masks. Additionally, he advised the HOD’s of ADK Hospital to keep a close watch on their staff as our compliance rate may drop below 90%. He completed his speech by saying that we must appreciate the hard work we have done.


The ceremony concluded with a short speech from Mr. Sujeeth Bhaskaran Director, Laboratories and Quality Improvement of ADK Hospital. He quoted “Success is never owned; it is something we rent out every day and rent is due every day”. That success is the reason why we celebrate these causes. We must celebrate these events to recognize the people who worked hard to bring success.

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