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See and Treat

March 2, 2014

On March 1, 2014, the Hospital has introduced a new process of attending to patients who come to the Emergency Department. See and Treat is a slightly different aspect of getting patients attended by a clinician when they present at the Emergency Department. It is not a traditional triage system where the patient is redirected to general OPD, rather attention is given and treatment initiated quickly thus contributing to reduced ER waiting time and improving efficiency and patient satisfaction.

It is the first time that a medical institute in the Maldives have attempted to undertake this unique structure, while in more developed parts of the world, this sytem of ER management has beed proven quite successful. In all parts of the world, not every patient who presents at the ER require emergency treatment. Many come with minor conditions, that could be treated, yet refused into ER with traditional triage. See and Treat is a process whereby patients with minor conditions are seen soon after they arrive in the ER by a clinician. Providing they have an appropriate problem such patients are given their definitive treatment straightaway and can then be discharged.

The Hospital belives that this new process will improve patient care at ADK Hospital ER and also help patients to be more satisfied of their ER outcomes. The Hospital, studied more established See and Treat systems accross the world, especially in the United Kingdom, and have adapted the process to the context of the ER scenario at the Hospital. Close scrutiny of the process will be kept and periodic evaluations will be conducted to improve the system as it evolves in the Hospital.


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