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A bit of re-use: injection vials in tourist shops

April 5, 2012

Everyday hospitals give a large number of injections to patients. The empty vials are all thrown away or incinerated. In this age of environmental awareness, it is always a though in everyone’s mind to go green in everything they do. With a bit of innovative thinking, the empty injection vial is no exception.

Thousands of emptied injection vials now play an important role in the tourism industry. Many of this waste are re-used to produce attractive souvenirs that are in abundance at the local tourist shops in Male’. The attractive little bit of white sand and a couple of shells with a nice glass drawing on the outside don’t make these bottles look anything like the waste we produce. It is just such a beautiful piece of art work that tourist proudly buy and take home to their sitting rooms elsewhere in the world or as presents for their family and friends.

With a bit of innovation, it would be possible to find many other waste materials that could be recycled or reused from hospital waste. An effort should be put to identify and make use of such instance productively.

What is certain is that in the case of injection vials, it is a win-win situation both for the Hospital and also for the tourism industry. Indeed this is another way to contribute to the tourism industry from a hospital other than treating patients.


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