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Hassan Ibrahim Tier of Excellence in Cardiovascular Care and Theatre Complex - (HITECC)

March 15, 2018



This development is one of the largest and most sophisticated, state-of-the-art complex that this hospital has ever opened. This development includes three operating theaters and a cardiac catheterization laboratory. This is part of the hospital’s development under the project, Setting a New Benchmark in Healthcare in the Maldives. The value of this component is approximately USD 10 million.


All facilities developed in this complex were closely scrutinized on site by a number of German and Australian Consultants. The finished complex is at the very highest standards of certification in these countries.


The Name


Late Mr Hassan Ibrahim was the co-founder of ADK Group of companies and brother-in-law of the group’s  Chairman, Mr Ahmed Nashid. Mr Hassan Ibrahim dedicated 20 years of his life serving the group, contributing enormously to the pharmaceutical Operations and management and  in the early development of ADK Hospital. 


His tragic death at the age of 57, to a cardiac illness, drove us in our determination to establish a state-of-the-art, center of excellence in cardiac care at ADK Hospital. Hence, we dedicate this center in his memory under the name of Hassan Ibrahim Tier of Excellence in Cardiovascular Care (HITECC).


With the establishment of HITECC, this center will provide the complete range of comprehensive cardiac care, from non-invasive to open heart surgery, including pediatric cardiac interventions and surgeries for the first time in Maldives.




The theatre infrastructure is of the highest standards in the world. The key features of the theatres include laminar airflow systems and positive pressure inside all theaters when in use. This provides the patient with the safest environments to undergo the most complex of surgeries. The theaters are also themed to bring a soothing local effect. The three theaters are hence, themed as the sunrise, beach and underwater theaters.


The theaters are equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipments such as video transmission for teaching as well as high-resolution image projection systems to aid in surgeries. A vast range of surgeries in more than ten different specialties will be offered from these theaters.


Some of the key new equipments include the 




This heart lung machine will be the heart of cardiac surgeries. Provides for both adult and pediatric surgeries. This fifth-generation modular heart-lung machine has set new standards for functionality, flexibility and quality. Designed for many years of demanding performance, the advanced design allows upgrades at any time, and hence the S5 system will remain state-of-the-art for many years to come.




The NOVADAQ SPY system provides fluorescence technology to assess real time blood flow and tissue perfusion during medical and surgical interventions. This provides surgeons with precision in their work thus giving the best outcomes for the patients. This relatively new technology is scarce in the region and only 4 such machines are now available in the South east Asia Region. This machine adds the 5th installation within this region.


Karl Storz SPIES 3D


This system provides video solutions to enhance surgeons’ capabilities so they can more readily deliver exceptional levels of care to patients. The SPIES (Storz Professional Image Enhancing System) represents the latest solutions for giving surgeons superior views of challenging anatomical areas during complex surgeries, ranging from skull base and orthopedic to gynecologic, urologic and thoracic.


Cardiac Catheterization Lab


The infrastructure developed with Hepa-filter air circulation systems, is themed as the anemone lab, rhyming the CathLab arms to the beautiful sea anemone in abundance in the Maldivian waters.


The key equipment in the lab include the


SIEMENS Artis Zee biplane CathLab


This high end machine is designed for angiography, cardiology and surgery, providing excellent coverage and flexibility for the complete application spectrum. This biplane system offers clinical flexibility from neurovascular to spine, abdominal and cardiovascular imaging including pediatric interventions. With such capacity, this CathLab comets with the best available facilities in the South East Asia region.


MAQUET Intra-aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)


For patients with certain heart conditions, the use of an Intra-aortic Balloon Pump is an effective way to help the heart do its work. The balloon pump helps by increasing the amount of oxygen to the heart, while decreasing the workload on the heart, during or after a heart attack, during or after a procedure to open a blocked artery, such as the placement of a coronary stent and to assist the heart during or after coronary artery bypass surgery.


Coronary Intensive Care Unit (CICU)


The CICU has a capacity of 5 beds, of which 2 are dedicated to open heart surgery patients. These beds are equipped with central monitoring and other required sophisticated equipment to ensure the best outcomes to the patients. In addition to this the unit is equipped with,




The CARDIOHELP System is the world’s smallest, portable heart-lung support system making it ideal for transporting patients within and outside the hospital while on circulatory and / or pulmonary support, up to 6 hours. The all-in-one heart-lung support system can be rapidly deployed in the fields of emergency medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery to restore and stabilize the patient’s cardiopulmonary functions, so clinicians can gain valuable time to save patients’ lives.


Central Sterile Supplies Department


The complex is annexed with a modern CSSD that will meet the needs of the theaters and the rest of the hospital. This department is also equipped with latest technology in ultrasonic scope washing machines and automatic equipment washing and sterilization equipment. The department will also have sorting and packaging facilities for sterile equipment before dispatching it to the respective service units.


The People


No service is complete without trained and competent staff. We take pride to note that the most complex surgical departments such as Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology and specialized nursing services are all lead by Maldivian nationals who are trained and experienced inter respective fields.


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