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World Heart Day 2022

September 29, 2022

In honor of World Heart Day, many activities were arranged at ADK Hospital. The activities took place on 29th September 2022. The slogan, Use Heart for Every Heart was used throughout the day. The purpose of this event was to create awareness amongst the public.

The staff of ADK Hospital along with some patients started the day off with a healthy heart walk. All the participants were encouraged to wear red. The walk started from Artificial beach and ended at Sinamale Bridge. After the walk, a hearty breakfast was arranged for all the participants. In addition to the walk, a free Health Checkup Camp was arranged at Shafi’a Institute of Health. This camp offered free health checkups for patient.

Other than raising awareness amongst the public, activities were also arranged to create awareness amongst the staff of ADK Hospital. A CME session was conducted.

The presenters include:

Dr. Sajad (Senior Consultant in Endocrinology)

Dr. Kaushal (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon)

Dr. Ashish (Consultant in Cardiology)

Dr. Dusooma (Senior Consultant in Anesthesia)

Dr. Bhumika (Consultant in Nephrology)

Dr. Murari (Consultant in Cardiology)


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