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The first batch of Emergency Medical Technicians of the Maldives graduated from the School of Health Sciences ADK Hospital

September 6, 2018


The graduation ceremony of the first course conducted by the School of Health Sciences, ADK Hospital was held today at Champa Central Hotel. The students graduated at this ceremony are also the first batch of trained Emergency Medical Technicians of the country. The graduates will be given license by Maldives Allied Health Council to practice as Emergency Medical Technicians. The course is also accredited by Maldives Qualification Authority.


Speaking at the ceremony the chief guest, President of Maldives Allied Health Council, Mr. Nayaz Ahmed said that Emergency Medical Technicians is a much-needed area in the country since they are the first healthcare professional to reach patients in emergency cases. He encouraged the graduates to remain in this challenging area of care.


The Managing Director of ADK Hospital, Mr. Ahmed Afaal also addressed the graduates. He talked about the job scope for the graduates and shared the challenges he went through in making the course a reality.


“We are here to write history. It may not seem very historic for us; however, we will be part of the history if one looks at this event after years from now.” Said by the graduate Ms. Aminath Yasfa Abdul Baaree while expressing sentiments of the graduates.


11 Students graduated in this ceremony.

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