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TeamTalk goes online

October 8, 2011

Issue 20: November 2011 – TT

TeamTalk (TT) has not had a smooth history. Intermittent discontinuations and re-publications have been part of TT’s life in the past. It was with great determination that TT still gets published and wants to live long and grow.

As published in the 18th issue on September 2011, TT has come back with a bang. This time TT has taken an additional step to go online in order to make it more reader friendly and right at your desktop. Hope that the online version will increase readers and circulation of the stories in and around the Hospital.

It is with pleasure that TT announces its presence on the World Wide Web. Have a look at adkteamtalk.wordpress.com  for your first glimpse of TT Online.

Even better is that now you can not only read your articles, but comment on them as well. Interactions and view will definitely make TT more interesting and friendly.

But of course, the contributions should keep coming in. Issues 18 and 19 as well as this issue is now online. Keep reading and pass the message too …


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