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Polytrauma victim treated at ADK Hospital

September 28, 2022

A 34y man with impalement injury with a long corrugated metal rod, from a construction site accident has been under treatment at ADK Hospital from 17th September 2022.

He had multiple injuries that needed surgical repair: nasal injury with nasal bone fracture, hard palate injury with fracture of palate, penetrating injury to posterior pharyngeal wall, fractured 3 cervical vertebra, penetrating injury to chest with punctured lung with haemopneumothorax, ruptured right diaphragm, lacerated liver and penetrating injury to rectus abdominis muscle.

Following extensive repair and reconstruction he was managed in intensive care unit. He's made a remarkable recovery and is now undergoing rehabilitation in preparation for discharge. He is expected to make full recovery, In-sha Allah.


Teams involved:

-Dr Ahmed Ziyan - ER physician leading ER Medical Officers and ER nursing team through initial resuscitation, stabilisation, triggering emergency team response, investigations and diagnosis

-Dr Dusooma Abdula Razzaq - Anesthetist leading anesthesia, and OT nursing team through surgery and post-operative intensive care

-Dr Ahmed Nishan - General Surgeon leading the overall surgical team (Dr Mauroof, Dr Damodar) through surgery and post-operative care

-Dr Shafiu and Dr Kaushal - CVTS surgeons leading emergency management of thoracic injury and haemopneumothorax.

-Dr Shakeel - Orthopedic & Trauma surgeon assisting polytrauma response

-Dr Nazif - ENT surgeon & Dr Bu'dhinath leading and managing extensive orofacial and neck injuries.

-Dr Ali Niyaf, Dr Kiran and Dr Robin - managing the spine fracture

-Radiology Department and radiodiagnostic technicians

-Urgent Massive Transfusion Team: Blood bank, nursing teams

-Surgical nursing team, Intensive Care nursing team

-Physiotherapy and rehabilitation team


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