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Opening Ceremony of MAGNETOM Lumina (3T MRI)

March 16, 2023

On 15th March 2023 the opening ceremony of MAGNETOM Lumina (3T MRI) was held at Shafi'a Institute of Health. The ceremony started with the recitation of Quran.

A welcome speech was given by the Managing Director of ADK Hospital, Ahmed Afaal to the guests. In his speech he mentioned that ADK Hospital has been giving 20 years of MRI services to the public. And with the addition of another MRI machine, the current wait list or the amout of people that seek this service abroad can become smaller. In addition to that, he also announced that ADK Hospital will be introducing PET-CT services soon. 

Following the speech, a presentation was given by Dr. Shahula Afeef on the new MAGNETOM Lumina (3T MRI) machine. On the different ways the MRI machine can be used was shown.

State Minister of Health, Dr. Shah Mahir also gave a speech during the ceremony. He mentioned that the public wants to see the public sector grow. Hence, this MRI service will have a really good effect on the patients. Doctors can easily diagnose patients as imaging has become easier, making diagnostics stronger. 

The ceremony ended with the cake cutting for the 36th anniversary of ADK Hospital.

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