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ADK Hospital inaugurates Call Center at Kulhudhuffushi

March 15, 2014

In conjunction with the 27th Anniversary of ADK, 15 March 2014, the Hospital celebrated with the Inauguration of a brand new call center at HDh. Kulhudhuffushi. This call center is opened by the hospital to ease the current difficulties for public to reach the hospital through phone. The call center will provide customers with information and also facilitate appointments and other matters now attended by the counter.

One of the most common complaints to ADK Hospitals over the past few years is the difficulty to connect to the Hospital via phone. Noting the fact that on peak hours, the hospital receives close to 200 calls that require immediate attention. However, with the previous arrangement, the hospital's capacity was not enough to absorb this load, especially given the fact that each call demand quite a significant amount of time.

The new call center initally starts with a capacity of 23 staff with at least 8 agents attending to calls at a given time. Our aim is to ensure that customer calls are quickly answered and the required service facilitated to the caller.

The call center also provide opportunity for employment to a number of youth outside of Male'. All staff currently employed are trained on site at the Hospital for a period of 2 months before they have been assigned to the call center.

We look forward to provide an enhaced connection service to the Hospital for all customers with the initiation of this center. The call center's operation was started on 13 march 2014 at 16:00 hours. Officially the center was inagurated by the Cahirman and CEO of ADK Group of Companies, Mr. Ahmed Nashid.

In the inaugural speech, Mr. Nashid highlighted future projects of ADK Hospital, especially that work has been initiated to start cardiac surgery and transplant surgery. He indicated that the aim of ADK Hospital is to bring these services to the Maldives with the next few years. Nashid also highligted the importance of deication and deligence to work and he took an example of the dedication and honesty of Late Dr. RJC Pandian who dedicated his life to ADK Hospital serving the people of Maldives. A minuite's silence was observed in remembrace of Dr. Pandian.

The welcome speech was given by the Managing Director of ADK Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Ahmed Afaal. In his speech, he highlighted how work progressed to achive the successful implementation of this project. He highligted that the call center has a capacity to expand to include further staff as the load increases and hence will open further employment opportunities for the people of Kulhudhuffushi.

The President of the Kuhudhuffushi Council also gave a speech on behalf of the people of the island, and thanked ADK for this investment in the island. He assured support and called for further development in the island by business personnel.

The ceremony ended with entertainment by the call center staff and a youth group of Kulhudhuffushi.





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