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One Happy Customer!

October 3, 2011

Issue 18: September 2011 – Ahmed Afaal (MD)

A couple of days ago when I was just about to leave the office after a tiring days work, a customer approached me. He called my name and I stopped to greet him. He came up to me and said “My wife has been admitted to the hospital for the last two days and just got discharged. I want to just tell you my experience.” Usually customers approach me an tell me about their grievances during their stay but this customer simply said “thank you very much, I have been wanting to meet you just to tell you that we had a very nice experience at your hospital. I never expected such professionalism and care.” He went on “I came here two days back with my wife who had to undergo a surgery. I was worried since she is a person who panics a lot. But all the worries and also her panic went away as soon as the theatre team greeted her. They were really good and treated her really well. In fact my wife want to personally thank them for their great work and the doctor was excellent too.”

He shared his experience further “When we were in the room, the room itself is very nice and comfortable. But I have to say that the nurses were excellent too. They really showed professional care and were always willing to help. It was as if they got happiness from

serving and caring us. It was the same in all the shifts and they were smiling all the time too.”

He went on sharing with enthusiasm and wanted me to share his words with the staff too.

Well, that was the high point of my day. I felt proud of my staff and appreciated the work that they put to make this institution a great place.

I thought for my self “this is an incident where we reached up to our vision. An incident where we were able to go beyond the expectation of the customer.” I felt joy and happiness inside myself.

I couldn’t help sharing this with you all and convey my appreciation to the excellent work that you have put in. I have every confidence that you all will continue to live up to these expectations. On behalf of the management and myself, I take this opportunity to convey my appreciation for the hard work that the staff is doing. I am sure if we can maintain tis level of services, there will be more happy customers. Thank you.


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