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Launching of Endocrine In-Vivo Lab

July 31, 2016

The Hospital today introduced an endocrine in-vivo lab. This lab will serve those who are suffering from endocrine conditions and most of the services provided are in the management and care of complications arising due to diabetes. The lab was launched at a press conference held at the hospital this afternoon.

A video of the lab was shown with the different services available and the media was briefed on the different interventions and services provided by the lab. The Consultant Endocinologist at the Hospital, Dr Sandeep Chaudary explained that almost 80% of the reason for amputation of the foot in the world is due to complications of diabeties and not being able to get good services to ensure that screenign an preventive measures.

The lab will provide a number of services that ensures that diabetic patients can undergo this screening and is recommended that all diabetic patients should undergo these screenings once every year to make sure the coditions do not worsen. Specific services available through the in-vivo lab include:

  • Biothesiometry study
  • Cold perception threshod detection
  • Hot perception threshold detedction
  • 10GM monofilament study
  • Ankle brachial index study
  • Plantar pressure system study
  • Comprehensive foot examination and risk assessment
  • Autonomic function testing
  • Ambulatory BP monitoring 24hours
  • Electric podiatry filing
At the news conference, Dr Abdulla Niyaf, Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital explained the importance such services and that thise are relatively new but important services to the many who are suffering form diabetes.
The Managing Director, Ahmed Afaal said that the hospital is committed to continuously improve services and introduce new and needed services to the country. He said that he belives that the introduction of these services and sustained availabilty will help to improve access to such services by Maldivians and will help to further improve the truct and confidence of people on the Maldives healthcare system.


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