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Celebrating Covid Heroes

April 6, 2022


A ceremony was hosted by ADK Hospital to celebrate the Covid Heroes. This auspicious ceremony started out with recitation of the holy Quran. The purpose of this event was to celebrate the workforce of ADK hospital who had worked selflessly their way through the Covid - 19 pandemic.


This ceremony was held on 6th April 2022 along with the management of ADK Hospital and honored guests from HPA. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the all of the staffs involved through the Covid – 19 pandemic at ADK Hospital by the honored guests in attendance at the ceremony.


Managing Director of ADK Hospital, Ahmed Afaal addressed how the frontline workers rose to the occasion and worked hard by putting themselves at risk to ease people from the disease. He expressed his gratitude towards the entire management of ADK hospital for the courageous work they have done in the last 2 years. Additionally, he spoke out about the tireless and vigorous working conditions the staff of ADK Hospital had endured all through the pandemic.


Dr. Abdulla Niyaf, CMO of ADK Hospital spoke about the start of the pandemic. Stating that in January 2020, research was conducted on the newly discovered disease. This measure was taken to prepare the staff for something that was forthcoming. Moreover, he stated that the team of ADK hospital worked alongside the management of IGMH to plan strategies for how the disease would be managed if it were to spread to Maldives. A part of this strategy was to train all the medical professionals to manage even the most difficult cases of Covid. Nonetheless, he mentioned that The Bangladeshi workforce was hit the hardest in ADK Hospital during the first wave of Covid. He also thanked the staff of ADK Hospital for putting in the extra hours.


The ceremony concluded with a speech from the Director General of HPA Maimoona Aboobakur stating the reliable partnership and collaboration ADK Hospital has provided in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

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