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A.Dh Mahibadhoo Medical Camp Report

April 28, 2018

On the occasion of Nurses day 2018, ADK Hospital nurses took initiative to conduct an out-reach medical camp in A. Dh Mahibadhoo, Maldives. This year theme for International Nurses day is, Nurses A voice to Lead- Health is a Human Right. Hence, in relation to the theme, this program was focused on preventive care. The camp was held on 26th and 27th April, 2018. 12 nurses and 2 doctors participated of ADK Hospital travelled to A.Dh Mahibadhoo to conduct this camp. This program consisted of the following activities;

  • A  training for health care professionals on patient safety,
  • Cancer screening and consultation for the people of the island by an oncologist
  • School health program for school children,
  • Pediatric consultation and nutritional session for parents of children under 5 years
  • Breastfeeding session for antenatal and post-natal mothers.


Patient Safety Training

Patient Safety Training was a 2 hours training programme conducted for staff of A.Dh Atoll Hospital.  22 nurses, 3 lab technicians, 5 doctors and 2 management staffs; a total of 32 staff participated in the training. The topics covered were medication safety, surgery safety, effective communication, hand hygiene, clinical incidents management and early warning score (ADK score). To evaluate the effectiveness of the program, a pre-knowledge and post-knowledge test was conducted.  The pre-knowledge test score average was 54%, and the post-knowledge test score average was 86.2%. At the end of the training certificates were awarded to all participants which was followed by giving away of ADK Hospital patient safety week canvas which was displayed in the lobby of A.Dh Atoll Hospital.


Cancer Screening and Consultation

Cancer screening pre-registration was opened for all the people of the island. 112 people got registered and 83 people turned up for the screening. On 26th evening, 22 people were screened for prostate cancer. On 27th, 61 cases were screened; of which 47 people’s PAP smear was taken and 55 people were advised to do mammogram.


School Health Programme

School health programme which focused on hand hygiene was conducted for students studying in grade 4 and 5 of A.Dh atoll Mahibadhoo School. 90 students participated in this school health programme. The activities included a video presentation of hand hygiene, demonstration of the hand hygiene, the importance of hand hygiene in a student’s daily life, and jumble words to trace the important words of the particular topic. The students were made to actively practice the steps of hand hygiene so that they can easily do it after the training. The duration of the session was one and half hours. At the end, all students were given a gift for participation.


Pediatric Consultation and Nutritional Session

Pediatric cases who were in need of special care was screened and 15 cases were selected by the hospital staff in advance. These 15 cases were seen by Senior Pediatrician of ADK Hospital, Dr Niyaf. In addition, a pediatric nutrition session was conducted by Dr Niyaf for parents with children of under 5years age. 80 mothers attended to this interactive 2-hour session.


Breastfeeding Session for Antenatal and Post-natal Mothers

37 antenatal and post-natal mothers including hospital staffs participated in this one hour training programme. At the end of session, questions raised by the participants were answered by the facilitators.


The camp was found to be very productive and useful for the community. It was a very valuable experience for the staff of ADK Hospital to get the opportunity to mingle with the island community and the hospital staff. ADK Hospital management is impressed with all arrangements done by A.Dh Atoll Hospital and we are looking forward for more collaborative work with ADK hospital in future.

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