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First Shoulder joint replacement surgery in Maldives.

May 12, 2022

1st shoulder joint replacement surgery in Maldives has been conducted in ADK Hospital on 12th May 2022. The patient was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the right shoulder. In this specific condition, the joint tissues and cartilage breaks down. This causes the patient to gradually lose function as the aching rises due to the friction in the joints. The surgery conducted is commonly known as the stemless anatomic shoulder replacement.

Stemless anatomic shoulder replacement surgery was conducted on a 69-year-old Maldivian Male, who was suffering from pain which disallowed him to function normally in his everyday life. He had been living with pain and restricted shoulder movements for the past 25 years. Shoulder arthritis was the indication for surgery. Physiotherapy and pain medication were used to treat the patient; however, the pain did still reside. In order to relieve the patient of his pain, the surgery was conducted where the joints in his shoulder that were grinding together were removed and a metal implant was substituted.

Typically, knee replacement surgery is far more common than shoulder replacement surgery in the Maldives and in the entire world. Though, slowly as the population increases the amount of people who requires shoulder replacement surgery is also increasing in the Maldives. For this reason, it was indisputably decided that this surgery needs to be initiated in the Maldives. With the help of Dr. Bancha Chernchujit, from Thailand as the leading surgeon, this course of action was taken.

Afterwards, the patient is said to have better motion and be pain free. Additionally, it was specified by the leading doctors that this surgery is recommended only to the patients who have good tendons. If a patient does have tears in their muscles, this surgery is not advised. Patients with osteoarthritis in the past have been advised by the doctors to visit other countries to do this procedure. Nonetheless, it is now possible to get this procedure done right here in Maldives. Thus, making it a crowning achievement for the management of ADK Hospital. 

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