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Educational tours of HITECC and Theatre Complex

March 22, 2018

The opening of the Hassan Ibrahim Tier of Excellence in Cardiovascular Care (HITECC) and the new theatre complex was a big dream come true for ADK Hospital. It is not only a dream come true but also a comforting news for Maldivians to know that if they need such care or if they ever come in need of such care, they have access to the highest quality of standards available in the region. 

ADK Hospital has always been passionate towards educating people in the healthcare field as well as developing human capital. This is the reason why ADK Hospital decided to give educational tours of the HITECC and the new theatre complex to selected groups before commencing the services from the newly developed state of the art facilities. Staff from healthcare institutions as well as students and staff from Maldives National University, colleges and students and teachers of secondary and higher secondary schools and staff of Ministyr of Health were invited for scheduled educational tours. Also a large nuber of staff from the hospital were educated on the faciities with these tours. The tours were conducted for 5 days at a stretch. 

The tours were led by our leading clinicians; Dr. Mohamed Shafiu who is the only cardiovascular thoracic surgeon of the country and the Chief Medical officer of ADK Hospital, the popular Dr. Abdulla Niyaf. The managing director of ADK Hospital Mr. Ahmed Afaal also accompanied many of the tours. 


The participants of the tour were highly impressed both with the modern and latest technological aspects and the aesthetic aspects of the HITECC and the new theatres. They appreciated the fact they were given very valuable information which deepened their knowledge. They took the maximum advantage of the given opportunity by asking questions and clarifying doubts. The healthcare students expressed the excitement of seeing for real what they have studied about.



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