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Disease Advisory - Seasonal Flu and Flu-like Illness

November 13, 2012

In recent weeks patients presenting to our out patient department and emergency department with Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) have increased. Of these a small but significant number have been diagnosed with Seasonal Flu (Influenza A & B) and Flu-like illness.

Seasonal Flu is usually a mild, self-limiting viral infection that is characterized by sudden onset of fever, generalized feeling of unwellness, body aches associated with respiratory symptoms including cough, sore throat and rarely breathing difficulty.

In small infants, elderly and those with pre-existing lung or heart conditions the illness may cause more severe symptoms requiring treatment. Others usually get better with symptomatic treatment of fever, increase intake of nutritious fluids and rest.

As the illness is contagious those with symptoms should take care to avoid exposing others to the infection. Staying at home, avoiding contact with the very young and elderly and give special emphasis to good hand hygiene and personal hygiene. Covering mouth and nose during cough and sneezing would help reduce spread of disease.

If you are presenting with this illness to the Hospital and if you are in doubt, please ask doctors to provide adequate information and ensure that you are clear on keeping safe and preventing others from catching the disease. Note that if you want to read more on the Seasonal Flu, the CDC website provides more detailed information.




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