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Below is a of doctors who works in the hospital.

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Dr. Sumit Ghimire

Department: Pediatrics
Joined: 5 December 2016
License: TMR3643

Consultant in Pediatrics

Dr. Syed Farhan Ali

Department: Dentistry
Joined: 17 November 2012

Dr. Thejesh Katama Reddy

Department: Anesthesia
Joined: 22 June 2015
License: TMR2614

Consultant in Anesthesia

Dr. Vijay Anand Rajendaran Ponnurangam

Department: Radiology
License: TMR3129

Consultant in Radiology

Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar

Department: Psychiatry
Joined: 23 September 2012
License: TMR2180


Dr. Vikas Ratan Gosavi

Department: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Joined: 3 March 2012
License: TMR0186

Senior Consultant in Gynaecology

Dr. Viraj Bawa

Department: Opthalmology
Joined: 3 August 2013
License: TMR2413

Senior Consultant in Ophthalmology

Dr. Vivekanandan Raju

Department: Anesthesia
License: TMR4025

Dr. Yogita Chetan Khutemate

Department: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Joined: 27 December 2014
License: TMR3097

Consultant in Obstetrics & Gyneacology

Dr. Yujan Sapkota

Department: Anesthesia
Joined: 19 May 2018
License: TMR4002

Consultant in Anesthesia