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Below is a of doctors who works in the hospital.

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Dr. Fathmath Shaamaly Jaufar

Department: Opthalmology
Joined: 24 July 2011
License: PMR0087

Dr. Fathmath Shazoo

Department: SNT and Emergency
Joined: 15 March 2014
License: MR0095B

Medical Officer

Dr. Firdhaus Rasheed

Department: Dentistry
Joined: 25 June 2013

Dr. G. Swarupa Rani

Department: Radiology
License: TMR3444

Senior Consultant, Radiology

Dr. Gourahari Pradhan

Department: Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
Joined: 11 February 2017
License: TMR3688

Senior consultant in Pulmonology

Dr. Haytham Mohammed Yousef Sadoon

Department: SNT and Emergency
Joined: 4 June 2017

Medical Officer

Dr. Hussain Shakeel

Department: Orthopedics
Joined: 1 November 2014
License: PMR0071

Senior Consultant in Orthopaedics

Dr. Ibrahim Moomin

Department: Surgery
Joined: 11 August 2012

Dr. Ishwor Sharma

Department: Internal Medicine
Joined: 16 June 2016
License: TMR3540

Consultant in Internal Medicine

Dr. Jaya Mani Shrestha

Department: Pediatrics
Joined: 5 December 2016
License: TMR3644

Consultant in Pediatrics